To my friends in Palestine

I left Palestine a couple days ago and I already feel so lonely. Normally if I had been in Ramallah I would be hanging around with you guys. Because that´s what I have been doing in the evenings for the last month. I miss beautiful Palestine! I miss the people in Palestine! I miss the warmth and kindness as I was met by! I miss you!

Maisoon – you have been so kind. I enjoyed all time that we had together. I will never forget our trip with Emma to the Dead Sea. I will neither forget the dinner you invited me to in New Years Eve. You are so kind and when you smile it spreads around everyone who is near to you. Take care until we see each other again.

Hanin – thanks for all your support and help with the practical things when I was planning the visit. I don´t know what I would do if you didn´t fix the apartment for us. Thanks to you we got a nice home in a nice area. See you soon.   

Nisreen – my beautiful friend. I miss you so much. I am so glad that I was in Palestine at the same time that you came for vacation. Thanks for the days in Bethlehem and for showing us around. It was nice to see you in Ramallah. Nisreen, I miss our discussions about women, tradition and Palestinian society. I respect you for being honest in the discussions. Say hey to your family and specially Nadia. The best thing is that I will see you soon. I am looking forward to visit you in Germany. And you coming here 🙂

Narmeen – it was so nice to see you again. And it was nice to see that our friendship have grown from the first time we meet in 2006. Thanks for showing us around in Jerusalem. You know that I love to sit and look at you when laugh. You have so much energy and every time I meet you I feel that I get some of the energy in me. Inshallah it will not take three years for us to see each other again. And you know what – I believe that you are the best teacher a student can ever have.  

Mohammed – My second half. For almost two months we have seen each almost every day. It feel so strange now because I haven´t heard your voice for a couple of days. I miss your calls. I miss our discussion and you not listening to me 🙂 . And I have to make it clear ones for all. I do support Fatah and no other movement. I miss you saying No problems about everything. Thanks for taking me and Emma to your family’s house and for showing us Jenin. Say hey to everyone at home. Thanks for all the home party’s. I hope you won´t forget your promise to me that you will not do a cretin thing in 2010. If you keep your promise, I will keep my promise to you about New Years Eve. And Mohammed, my friend, try to not talk in the phone all the times and do the things you do like dealing 🙂 See you soon?

Motaz – I have never met someone who knows so many jokes. And so many that are not clean. Who will tell me jokes every day now? I think I have to call you every day so you can tell me jokes. I´m addicted to your jokes. Motaz, I so impressed by all the things you do. You have so many balls in the air. And succeeding in everything you put your hand in. Thanks for helping me with all the shopping. I know that you many times was swearing at me inside of you. But thanks for not swearing so I could hear it. I miss your car and all the different trips that we made with the car. I miss our discussions about different things but I hope that we will continue the discussions when we will see each other again. Inshallah soon I hope! Thanks for letting me meet your family and your beautiful mom. Say hi to her and your sisters. Thanks for telling and explaining for me about the occupation. Thanks for showing me the tags on the houses and places where people was killed and became martyrs. It was important for me to see it!

Wissam – Zarzor. You know, yesterday I went for shopping but it didn´t feel good. Something was missing. You! I missed your comments and you swearing at me. So I will not go for shopping until we will see each other. Then we can together go for shopping for 4 days, okay?  And you know what? One of the red kofia I bought is for me 🙂 Sorry! I want to be in Ramallah and sit in your office and do the thing you taught me to do. The thing I am not allowed to do inside in Sweden 🙂  You know what I mean. When I close my eyes I can see you and your reaction when we were talking about love is in the air. I miss that! And I miss every coffee place that we went to. The best time was when we were sitting in Stars & Bucks alone talking for so long time. You taught me so many things while we were sitting there. I am looking forward when we all will be together. And I promise not keep talking about love all the time 🙂

Hassan, Eyad, Omar, Bilal, Mohammed Z, Mohamed G, Ayat, Eman,Yara, Rawan and so many more – you are the best. I had so much fun every time I met you. Thanks for being so nice to me! Thanks to you I feel that Palestine is like home. Thanks to you I feel the Palestine is the most beautiful country in the world! I will come back! And I know that one day Palestine will be free! No more occupation, No more walls and no more illegal settlements inside of Palestine. I know it! Viva Palestine!


~ av Alaa Idris på 20 januari 2010.

Ett svar to “To my friends in Palestine”

  1. Vackert skrivet! Kul att få ta del av det. Verkar som att du haft en alldeles underbar tid och det är jag väldigt glad för.


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